Best 4 Islands in Egypt

Best 4 Islands in Egypt

You don�t need to travel abroad to experience the feeling of being trapped by water. In Egypt, you can seclude yourself away from the crowded city and routine resort towns and travel to the most wonderful islands.

Egypt has at least 14 islands amid its cities, spanning from the south to the north. Each has its own location, beauty, shape and style, having the power to compete with worldwide ranked islands.

Follow our article to get lost inside the most adorable islands in Egypt:

4- Kitchener’s Island:

Geographically, this island is one of the two major islands on the Nile in the vicinity of Aswan, but it is hidden, as it is located behind Elephantine Island.

It is a small oval-shaped island situated in the Nile of Aswan, less than one kilometer long and less than a half kilometer wide, and it has a botanical garden.

3- Hamata Island:

Heading to the north, Hamata Island is found in Marsa Alam, ranging from 3-7 km from the main land.

Sandy beaches, fossil reefs and carbonate rocks are the most major features. It is also surrounded by shallow water and well-developed fringing coral reefs.

2- Abu Monkar Island:

It inspires your soul with the natural beauty of mangrove trees housing sea birds, sea snails and a lake with transparent water.

Located 45 minutes away by boat from Hurghada, it is considered by many to be an extension of Giftun Island. Either way, Abu Monkar is an easily accessible piece of heaven.

1- Giftun Island:

It is a protected area of the Red Sea with warm lagoons, pristine beaches and coral reefs. It is located 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada.

It is one of the world�s most popular snorkeling and diving sites, where you can observe the fish, coral reefs and plants.

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