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for Paradise Island in Hurghada

A wonderful sea excursion to Paradise Island-beach

on�Grand Giftun

Island, in�Hurghada! Take a day trip to paradise on this full-day tour of beautiful Paradise Island. Feel the magic as you explore its white sand beaches and pristine coral reef. Swim, snorkel, soak up some rays, or check out the beach bar before savoring a delicious buffet lunch. Your tour includes trip transfers from your hotel.

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You are a Super Hero! But which one?

what is your favorite color?

What is your favorite pet?

What do you hate?

What is the most thing give you positive energy?

Who is the closest person to you?

What is your preferred cartoon?

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Choose one of those super heroes:

You a Super Hero! But which one?
The Green Hornet

The Mask

Captain Underpants


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Best 4 Islands in Egypt

You don�t need to travel abroad to experience the feeling of being trapped by water. In Egypt, you can seclude yourself away from the crowded city and routine resort towns and travel to the most wonderful islands.

Egypt has at least 14 islands amid its cities, spanning from the south to the north. Each has its own location, beauty, shape and style, having the power to compete with worldwide ranked islands.

Follow our article to get lost inside the most adorable islands in Egypt:

4- Kitchener’s Island:

Geographically, this island is one of the two major islands on the Nile in the vicinity of Aswan, but it is hidden, as it is located behind Elephantine Island.

It is a small oval-shaped island situated in the Nile of Aswan, less than one kilometer long and less than a half kilometer wide, and it has a botanical garden.

3- Hamata Island:

Heading to the north, Hamata Island is found in Marsa Alam, ranging from 3-7 km from the main land.

Sandy beaches, fossil reefs and carbonate rocks are the most major features. It is also surrounded by shallow water and well-developed fringing coral reefs.

2- Abu Monkar Island:

It inspires your soul with the natural beauty of mangrove trees housing sea birds, sea snails and a lake with transparent water.

Located 45 minutes away by boat from Hurghada, it is considered by many to be an extension of Giftun Island. Either way, Abu Monkar is an easily accessible piece of heaven.

1- Giftun Island:

It is a protected area of the Red Sea with warm lagoons, pristine beaches and coral reefs. It is located 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada.

It is one of the world�s most popular snorkeling and diving sites, where you can observe the fish, coral reefs and plants.

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5 Things to do in Hurghada

1. Snorkeling

Hurghada snorkeling offers plenty of reef sites, both near and far from shore, from little islands to submerged pinnacles. The Hurghada tourist scene also extends along the coast into quieter bays, so if the hustle and bustle of the city isn’t for you, it’s easy to find a peaceful option that’s still close to the amenities in town. The best site to make snorkeling is near of Giftun Island.

2. Water Games

Get splashed! This is the best advice ever if you are visiting Hurghada, but not in the pool, you can enjoy pools anywhere around the world, so don’t miss to have fun into Red Sea and enjoy water games.

3. Belly Dance and Tanoura

Enjoy the Egyptian folk dance tanoura and belly dance, it’s one of the best oriental show you can find in Egypt, also you can try to dance tanoura yourself, and don’t forget to take selfies 😉

4. Beach Volleyball

It burns calories. Because you’re in the sand, which is an unstable surface that’s harder to move in than on grass or concrete, an hour-long game of beach volleyball burns quite a few calories, and it’s a full-body workout but it doesn’t feel like “working out”.

5. Laying On The Beach

Just relax, if that sea in front of you and you are laying on sandy white beach the only move you should take is that: close your eyes and hear the sound of breeze and sea then relax.. yes JUST RELAX..

And you should to know that you can do all those activities in one place in Hurghada, just in PARADISE ISLAND

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When you can go to Hurghada?!

The air temperature in the summer is in the mid to upper 30s�C, while in the winter it cools to the low 20s�C and high above 15�C. The water temperature is as low as 19�C and as high as�30�C. Why

mention the water temperature, you ask? For snorkeling, the water temperature can be very important!

You can go in the summer, but be prepared for uber-hot weather.� Temperatures are more reasonable during the late fall through early spring.

The nice thing about Egypt is you really don�t have to plan for rain: rain doesn�t really ever seem to happen.� You do, however, need to be mindful of dust storms which happen in late spring to early summer.

Be mindful that your trip will be different if you go during the month of Ramadan which was in May/June in 2017 and moves eleven days earlier each year.� As you might think, the country is not nearly as convenient for tourists at this time, as stores, restaurants, and government offices often have drastically reduced hours.

So for the most of people February & March are the best time to travel to Hurghada, it’s warm and all of activities you can do in Hurghada are available.


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