Snorkeling in Giftun Island

No trip to Hurghada would be complete without a day spent exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea.

Giftun Island�is a protected area of the Red Sea with warm lagoons, pristine beaches and coral reefs. It is located 45 minutes by boat from Hurghada.
It is one of the world�s most popular snorkeling and diving sites, where you can observe the fish, coral reefs and plants.

Giftun Island�National Park in the Paradise Islands, is one of the most-visited snorkel sites IN

HURGHADA. This desert island lies a 45 minute (and dolphin-frequented) boat ride from the Egyptian coast. The clear waters around Giftun hold multiple reefs for snorkeling where calm conditions and easy access allow everyone to enjoy the plentiful fish and colorful corals. Sunbathing on the beach makes a very tempting complementary activity for many visitors.



Hurghada snorkeling can be enjoyed year-round. In Egypt, the main seasonal variation concerns water temperature, which can cool to 21 C in the winter and heat to 30 C in the summer. However, as a snorkeler, you will always be in the surface layer of the ocean, which is the most warmed by the sun. If you are concerned about getting cold, consider bringing a wetsuit along on your vacation. It’s also very easy (and much less bulky) to buy or rent a wetsuit in Egypt, once you’ve asked your tour operator for the most up-to-date information on water conditions.

Note that some recommend avoiding the hottest time of year (July and August). If you’re a person who doesn’t like to sweat, or who is prone to heat exhaustion, May through June (Springtime) or September through November (Autumn) are the best seasons to visit.

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