Paradise Conquest

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  • Hurghada
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Paradise Conquest

A Window for Another World

Dive underneath the waves and discover the underwater world of the red sea from the comfort of our conquest . take a seat with your children and descend to see the wide array of marine life that makes the coral reefs their home.

Climb aboard the submarine and cruise out into the red sea , famous worldwide for it superb scuba diving and snorkeling. Keep yourself dry while still admiring the wonderful inhabitants underneath the surface .

Descend to depths of 4 meters as you get up close and personal with the beauty of coral reefs.

Marvelously at the hive of activity and variety of life that lives on the coral reef as you observe naturalistic colors is going to make you psychedelic as you spend 90 minutes visiting a fascinating natural environment.

Don't miss fun

Watch the wonder of underwater sea world.



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